Yes Yes Yes Alternative Press

Yes Yes Yes Alternative Press

Yes Yes Yes Alternative Press
26th april 2014
Palazzo Trinci, Foligno (PG)
inside the program FREEbook – LIBEROLIBROdARTISTALIBERO 7


YYY deals above all with the visual culture of “poor” magazines printed off-set, their amazing graphics and their aesthetics liberated in integration with the system of activism and political interventions. In this way the pages of newspapers deal with facts and news, but also support the subversive style and that fervent environment that formed a social network of printers, creative autonomy and trade unions for distribution. In this systemic innovation, the democratization of the press stimulated the experimentation of graphic design on the one hand and the growth of the editorial practice in a culture extended to the community on the other.
The magazines have been cataloged according to themes and, even if placed in an incomplete geography, testify an international cultural scenario between Europe and America. YYY is a collection of countless documents on civil rights and liberation movements, which aims not only to preserve, but also to browse the living pages spreading radical contents and creative layouts.


Il percorso inaugura la ricerca “66-77, from Provo to Punk” sulla scena alternativa che, a partire dalle sorgive 15 pubblicazioni PROVO, dall’Europa confluisce nelle rivoluzionarie stampe underground americane tra gli anni 60′ e 70′, sino a chiudere nel 1977, anno terminale della fase Punk, l’ultima rivoluzione prima del grigiore culturale dell’alienazione post-moderna. Le riviste in mostra sono: American Avatar, Avatar, Berkeley Barb, Berkeley Tribe, Big Muddy Gazette, The Bird, The Black Dwarf, The Black Panther , Countdowm, East Village The Other, Fapto, Fire!, Freedom News, Friends, Gay, Gay Power, Gay Sunshine, Georgia Straight, Good Times, Haight Ashbury Eye, Haight Ashbury Free Press, Haight Ashbury Love Street, Haight Ashbury Maverick, Haight Ashbury Tribune, Harbinger, Helix, Hitweek, Iets, The International Times, Juche, Kabouter Krant, Kaleidoscope, Kiss, Klaas Krant, Liberated Guardian, Los Angeles Free Press, Muhammad Speaks, New York Review of Sex, Nola Express, Old Mole, Open City, Oracle Los Angeles, Other Scenes, Peninsula Observer, Pic up, Pleasure,Provo, Rat, Rising Up Angry, San Francisco Express Times, Screw, The Seed, Southern Free Press, Spy-in, Styng, Suck, Washington Free Press, Witte Krant.

YES, YES, YES alternative press

26 aprile / 18 maggio 2014

Foligno (PG), Palazzo Trinci

progetto di a+mbookstore / VIAINDUSTRIAE in collaborazione con ISIA Urbino

curato da Amedeo Martegani, Emanuele De Donno

nel programma FREEbook 7a edizione 2014 e la Scrittura e l’Immagine

YES, YES, YES alternative press / from Provo to Punk

25-26 giugno 2014

Urbino, Collegio Tridente

progetto di a+mbookstore / VIAINDUSTRIAE in collaborazione con ISIA Urbino

curato da Amedeo Martegani, Emanuele De Donno

e l’ISIA Urbino/Graphic design master course di Francesco Valtolina


18 Aprile /6 giugno 2015

COLLI Independent Art Gallery, Roma

a cura di Emanuele De Donno / Amedeo Martegani

artisti: Dallas, Dexter Sinister, Experimental Jetset, Will Holder, Pauline Kerleroux & Adéla Svobodová, Prill Vieceli Cremers, Studio Hato, Batia Suter. Exhibition Design VIAINDUSTRIAE

YES YES YES ALTERNATIVE PRESS – stampa underground europea ed americana dal 1966 al 1977:

Biblioteca Salaborsa. Piazza del Nettuno 3, Bologna

17 gennaio – 4 febbraio 2017

Mostra dalla ricerca-catalogo YES YES YES Alternative Press  ’66 -’77 from Provo to Punk, a cura di