GD_4th meeting - Prague / Czech Republic, June 19th-20th, 2017

GD_4th meeting – Prague / Czech Republic, June 19th-20th, 2017

Go Digital! Culture at your fingertips
project meeting, Prague / Czech Republic, June 19th-20th, 2017


Prague welcomed us with wonderful weather that made many of us think of sunbathing and not necessarily working. However, work had to be done and, as usual, many things had to be discussed, agreed upon and planned. The main subject of the meeting was “teaching digital skills, what to teach and how to do it”.

The first day of the meeting was filled with working sessions, during which we discussed what had happened since our meeting in Rogaška Slatina in April – what promotional and informational activities we carried out, evaluation of the project, etc. An important part was presentation of testing workshops that five out of six partners carried out, testing activities developed earlier in the project. All activities were supposed to combine culture with teaching digital skills and are targeted at adults 50+. The tested activities were:

  • Social togetherness / Seek and find – Folkuniversitetet (Sweden)
  • Kahoot Quiz – Ljudska univerza Rogaška Slatina (Slovenia)
  • Digital Memory Album – Viaindustriae (Italy)
  • Let’s create an e-book – Alytaus Kultūros Ir Komunikacijos Centras (Lithuania)
  • Search for cultural event / Book and pay for cultural event – Glafka (Czech Republic)

Results from evaluation of the workshops and recommendations from instructors and participants will help shape the final versions of the activities.

On the second day we visited Elpida Center – an up-to-date center for educational and social activities and a meeting point for seniors. In Elpida seniors have access to exercise rooms and various educational workshops and classes, such as computer literacy and memory training. More than 20,000 seniors participated in their computer and language classes (source: We had a very nice discussion with Jan Bartoš – chief of Elpida, we could share our experience in teaching adults that differs from country to country.

We have entered the final stage of our project – we agreed on the structure of our catalogue of activities and divided tasks. The catalogue should be ready by November.

Soon – in August – we are meeting in Alytus / Lithuania to explore the topic of creating intersectoral activities – combining culture with education.


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